Carpentry production

The Mirt furniture factory

The Mirt furniture factory is the largest and technically advanced carpentry production facility in Ukraine. Our manufacturing site occupies an area of 15,000 sq. meters and is located on a territory of 3 hectares. Over 350 specialists are involved in the furniture art creation. Many of them have been working in the factory for over 15 years, and most of the craftsmen have come a long way of improvement and are graduates of our internal training school.

Closed production cycle

A distinctive feature of the factory is fully closed production cycle starting from the selection of wood trunks for cutting and all the way to the installation of finished products and after-sales service. We carry out all the work on our own, without involving third parties. This allows us to be confident in the quality of the products that we provide to our customers, architects and designers. 

Cabinet maker Mirt

Raw materials

We use in the carpentry just noble species of wood, such as cherries, maple, ash, oak and walnut, the king of wood. We also use decorative exotic types of veneer: walnut root, golden arbutus, pyramidal mahogany, Bird's Eye maple, rosewood, olive ash root, wawona root, macassar. You will not find either MDF, chipboard, or paste instead of thread in our products. We use only 100% natural and healthy materials. The furniture manufacturing process begins with proper selection of wood, healthy trunks, cutting at the right time of the year, thorough preparation and maturing of trunks.

Adhering to all technological processes, slowly drying the wood, we remove internal tension in it, minimize deformation of a board and possibility of defects in the future completed product.

Veneer for carpentry

Veneer for carpentry

We use similar thorough approach when purchasing materials that we cannot produce in Ukraine. Mainly, this applies to an exotic veneer that is being produced in high quality only at a few factories in the world. We purchase high-quality products from German and Italian factories, which have decades of traditions in the wood processing.


High-quality materials are the first condition for creating highly artistic furniture. The second one is an equipment.

An equipment for carpentry should be high-precision, high-tech and reliable. The products of only a few manufacturers meet these criteria, but we put a lot of effort into collecting only the best of the best in our workshops.

  • laser machines for inlaying from Italian company Sei;
  • German veneer gluing machine Kuper;
  • Italian drying chambers Termolegno;
  • Italian paint booths;
  • woodworking cutters from a world leader with 125 years of history — Leitz (Germany).
Equipment for carpentry


Audi cars prototypes are being made using similar working machine. Its accuracy is so high (2 micrometers) that during customs clearance we even had to sign a statement of obligation to not produce firearms with it.

German five axis working machine Maka Carpentry making


Wood, veneer, working machines and accessories are just a set of parts that cannot turn into luxury furniture without manual labor of our craftsmen.

The personnel involved in the production is our most important and indispensable ingredient in the process of creating works of art for your interior.

At this, the skills of our employees have reached such a level that, often, looking at our products, it is not always possible to determine where manual processing was performed, and where — machining.

Manual labor

Veneer inlaying

 The table legs and balusters undergo primary processing on lathes. All products are obligatorily being polished only by our craftswomen because only women can ensure the uniformity, accuracy and fineness of polishing of small parts.

Intarsia, gilding, painting and varnishing are also being carried out manually by our craftsmen, but the main pride of the Mirt factory is the department of carvers who create real wood masterpieces!

Wood carving

The carvers department is the largest in the factory, but also the busiest, because we create carved elements from natural wood and do not sink to a paste or polymeric materials.

Carving is very delicate, time-consuming and responsible process because one wrong movement may result disqualification of a work-piece for further processing.

Each carved element is unique, therefore, you need to use a different tool depending on the radius and depth of the cut, and each master creates his own cutters. The number of unique cutters at the disposal of one specialist can reach 100!

Wood carving

Wood carving at the Mirt factory

Craftsmanship in woodcarving is achieved through years of hard work, and many employees of our department have been working in the factory for more than 10 years, and we continue to annually select the best young people from those who practice at our factory. Of course, at the beginning of their careers, apprentices do not receive difficult tasks, but each of them has a teacher who helps and leads along a difficult path to true mastery.

Wood carving family crest 

Quality control

Quality control at our carpentry production is carried out at many stages, but the most important of them is dry assembly when the finished elements are assembled together. This makes it possible to make sure that all the elements are made correctly and perfectly fit together. At the dry assembly stage, we check not only small carpentry, such as bedside tables, but also studies, kitchens and even stairs.

Also, we test the hardware at this stage in order to detect possible defects in advance and do replacements yet at the factory. After passing all the checks, products are being disassembled and come for polishing and finishing.

Carpentry production Mirt

Carpentry production

Painting and varnishing

At the last stages, all products go through the department of manual polishing, painting, decorative finishing and varnishing. Depending on the product and the material from which it is made, these processes may include additional steps.

For example, filling of oak products or impregnation - treatment window structures with protective compositions. 

Painting and varnishing in carpentry

Decorative painting

Items designated for gilding or painting are being lifted to the ornamental finishing workshop where they are being manually coated with leaf (thin foil of gold or silver color) or painted. At the request of the customer, the leaf can be replaced with natural gold leaf.

The last stage of production of any product is a multi-layer varnishing. Several layers of varnish not only provide additional protection against external damage, but also create the effect of a deeper and more saturated color, especially in the case of using exotic veneers.

The final touch is packing of finished products and delivery to a warehouse. After that, you just have to get our products at the agreed time and enjoy ideal interiors of your home for many decades!

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