Ornate classic kitchen

  • Ornate classic kitchen
  • Stone, Ornate classic kitchen

Classic kitchen


The main focus in the ornate interior of this kitchen is natural fine wood. All the furniture is made of solid maple, painted in ivory, richly decorated with carvings and gilding.

The ceiling is divided into caissons with a spotlight in the center of all of them, harmoniously combining with a luxurious central chandelier. The tabletop, apron and floor are made as the consistent pattern of natural dark marble, which highlights and refines the interior.

Furniture carving

Noble fabrics of upholstery and window decoration emphasize the elite status of the owners of this apartment. It is easily, freely, spaciously and royally to live in this interior.

Ornate classic kitchen

Ornate classic kitchen



Wood carving elements
Chair in a classic interior

Also, take a look at this kitchen-diner in the classic style and at the wine room in the same house

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