Timbered study with fireplace

  • Timbered study with fireplace
  • Wood, Timbered study with fireplace

Comfort and presentability

Here is a perfect example of a strict classical interior - timbered study with fireplace where a wide variety of handiworks are presented, the level of performance of which everyone will definitely appreciate.

Luxuriously carved furniture made of solid oak, carved curtain rails, wooden wainscots, marble floor - everything is the skill of the hands of our talented craftsmen.

The design of the timbered study is complemented by paintings in rich frames, exquisite textiles in the form of lambrequins, tiebacks, drapery and delicate silk trimming, as well as gilded lamps. Calm, warm and pleasant shades of green are present in the design of walls and windows.

Wooden fireplace portal

Creating beauty, we ourselves must radiate beauty! We work, create, think and are glad to see our customers in a chic space.

Wooden fireplace portalWooden fireplace portalTimbered study with fireplaceTimbered study with fireplace

Also, take a look at the timbered study in an antiquarian salon

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